You have a marketing strategy, but how do you know it is actually working and are you able to proof your ROI.

The simplicity of marketing is that you know how good it is by the results shown in your numbers. If your not achieving the numbers you want, something needs to change. Repeatedly doing the same thing will result in the same results!

So what can we look at to get an idea of what’s working and what’s not?

Well…loads. There are numerous tools and services available for tracking just about everything, so you need to be very specific and relevant to what you want to track and analysis for each piece of marketing. You can also spend lots of money on tracking, but to start with that’s not necessary as there are simple and cheaper options available, such as Google Analytics for websites and Buffer for social media.

Once you’ve decided WHAT to measure, you can create SMART GOALS and then FOLLOW and REPORT, COMPARE and REPEAT

The key thing with your marketing is that what you track enables you to prove your marketing is working and providing you with a ROI.

What to track

Here’s a small example of the types of data you should be tracking at all times.

• Number of Visitors to Leads
• Number of Prospects to Sales
• Call to Action Engagement/Requests
• Email Data: Click Through Rates, Open Rates, Bounce Rates
• Third Party Adverting: Click Through Rate, Open Rates
• Social Engagement

Tracking and monitoring your marketing activity is essential for your business and should become something you monitor daily, weekly and monthly. Build yourself a spreadsheet so you can quickly and easily see how successful a campaign has been, or hasn’t been and then make changes.

Don’t ignore the results.