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Membership is for ambitious copy social trading platforms providers with the drive to take control of the future of their businesses and achieve huge success no matter what might be standing in the way.

If you are serious about laying a rock-solid foundation for future marketing efforts and are looking for resources so you can TURBO CHARGE your ability to attract your ideal investors and catapult your investor deposits – you are in the right place.

The membership packages available are aimed to suit your situation and motivations. We offer 2 different options:

Option 1 – We Do It For You
Option 2 – You Use Our Guidance Material And You Do It Yourself

The Silver and Gold Membership are suited to those who want to take our proven marketing strategies, follow the information shared and implement it into your business yourself.

The Platinum Membership is suited for businesses who want us to do it for YOU, by becoming a Platinum Member we will deploy our expert sales and marketing team onto your business to get their hands dirty and get down to the nitty-gritty of making your copy social trading platform attract the investors you require.

Check out below what is included in each membership package.


Silver Membership

£ 1499
/ Month
Digital Marketing Material
10 Hours A Month Consultancy
5000 Words of Compliance Checked Automated Content
Assistance With Automation Design
10 Webinars To Use
Mon-Fri : 9/5 Support

Gold Membership

£ 1999
/ Month
Digital Marketing Material
20 Hours A Month Consultancy
10000 Words of Compliance Checked Automated Content
4 Hours A Month Assistance With Automation Implementation
15 Webinars To Use
Mon-Fri: 9/5 Support

Platinum Membership

£ poa
/ Month
1 on 1 Tailored Consultancy Service
In House Marketing Team Will Create All Your Campaigns For You
100 + Leads A Week From In House Campaigns
Sales Service Use Our Inhouse Sales Team
Compliance Checked Standards
Mon-Fri : 9/5 1 to 1 Support
Established in 2014 by a group of online marketers who combined customer profiling with their understanding of digital marketing to develop a fast and effective way of customer generation for copy and social trading platforms providers.