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Regardless of how attractive your website and brochure are or how engaging your social media posts are, if they are not converting visitors to leads and leads to investors, they are worth little more than the space they take up. Access a proven sales and marketing model here.

On a limited, case-by-case basis, we can work directly with you and your team to build your sales and marketing systems. Implementing proven systems and training your teams on a model that has secured millions of pounds of investors funds.
If you are struggling with recruiting investors, or banging your head against a wall when it comes to converting leads, or need assistance with marketing your copy social trading platform, this system is the closest thing to ‘Magic’ you are ever likely to see…
Receive qualified leads of potential investors that have been matched to the best copy social trading platforms providers that suits their requirements. Our databases of potential prospects are in the millions and you can gain direct access to them here.

Everything you need to recruit investors, including marketing material that has satisfied compliance in multiple countries. Saving you £1000’s when setting up your sales and marketing models for your copy social trading platform.
Convertz – Membership: As a member you will gain access to effective marketing strategies, coaching, newsletters, webinars and more giving you the resources, tools and support you need to take your copy social trading platform to the next level.
Established in 2014 by a group of online marketers who combined customer profiling with their understanding of digital marketing to develop a fast and effective way of customer generation for copy and social trading platforms providers.